Tax Label

Every year governments lose revenue due to illegal trade in products. In fact, once they are exported across borders for consumption in another country, the opportunities for tax evasion are considerable. To recover the lost revenue, securing the supply chain is critical.

By supplying manufacturers with tax-stamps that must be applied to all products sold, governments can monitor how many products are sold by each manufacturer and so ensure that the VAT is paid on those products. The advantages of the tax-stamp system are as follows: 1) It is simple to administer – it is immediately apparent if a product does not have a tax-stamp; 2) It is secure – tax-stamps can include security measures making them impossible to counterfeit. 3) It is cost-effective – the simple administration and low cost of each tax-stamp makes tax-stamps the most cost-effective way of increasing tax revenue.Tax-stamps have multiple layers of security including an encrypted 2D-barcode which provides information such as the production date of the tax-stamp and its serial number. Arca offers solutions able to support a variety of Tax Label programs. The different models of labeling machines in the range can be used for any kind of application: from the application on bags to the application on cartons of tobacco or pharmaceutical products, up to the high-speed application on bottles in the beverage industry.

In the beverage industry, our high-speed industrial automatic labeling machines can apply a tax label on bottle or can caps up to an output of 100,000 pieces/hour.

By adding the special “seal” adapter, the labelers can apply “L” or “U” size tax labels, achieving very high productivity.

Non-Stop function also available, for possible continuous operation. Two labelers placed sequentially and connection kit required.


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