Linerless technology consists of thermal rolls made without liner, i.e. the silicone support on which the label is placed The linerless material offers those who make this choice the opportunity to take advantage of economic benefits reducing environmental impact. In fact, Linerless is recognized as an ecological labelling solution.

The advantages of using linerless material are:

  • Use less material as the adhesive is applied directly to the back of the paper surface, thus resulting in the first economic saving.
  • Greater autonomy of the roll. By eliminating the liner, most of the overall dimensions of the thermal rolls are reduced with a consequent increase in the printable area. If 100 labels were produced with conventional rolls, thanks to linerless thermal paper rolls, about 200 can be printed.
  • The consequence is also a reduction of costs related to warehouse storage, transport and the work necessary for the management of the latter processes
  • Elimination of costs related to the management of the liner.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as a result of the previous advantages.

Arca offers a robust and industrial Print Apply Linerless solution born for 24/7 production cycles. It guarantees unique autonomy thanks to the capacity of the roll. The model is equipped with 4.0 functionality ensuring maximum connectivity to the line and the information system, latest generation web services and remote monitoring.

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