Jerrycans are used to hold liquids, most often from the chemical industry.

When the canisters contain substances classified as hazardous, they must be supported by clearly legible labels, containing a long series of information not only about the manufacturer but also symbols concerning the hazardousness of the liquids and their storage.

Sometimes all this information can be reported on two different labels to be applied on the front and on the back of the jerrycan; other times they are exposed on a single label with important dimensions that will cover most of the body of the jerrycan.

An anti-counterfeiting adhesive label is applied to the cap containing a technology which, in a very small space, guarantees the uniqueness of the brand and protects the consumer.
They are applied in such a way as to discourage the removal of the label itself and which, in case of tampering, breaks into many fragments.
Inside the labels are then inserted tools that increase their security: RFID Tags, QR CODE, HOLOGRAMS, Optical Variable Ink (OVI), Holograms.

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