Tamper evident seal

Industrial automatic labeling machines and labeling systems for the application of 1 seal tamper evident labels for the chemical, cosmetic, beverage and food sectors at high productivity.

The anti-counterfeiting adhesive label guarantees the uniqueness of the brand and protects the consumer. They are applied to discourage the removal of the label itself and, in case of tampering, it breaks into many fragments.
Inside the labels are then inserted tools that increase the degree of safety and traceability of the product such as: RFID Tag, QR CODE, Holograms, Optical Variable Ink (OVI), Holograms.

The specific Arca Pharma line is expressly dedicated to the labeling and coding of pharmaceutical cartons. For this reason, it has been conceived to guarantee the high standards of quality, safety, productivity, and accessibility required by the GAMP lines. Productivity up to 200 pieces per minute. The Automatic labelling system can be configured with different models (label applicator or print apply) depending on production need and equipped with alarms, controls and different types of printing modules to print any codes, variable data and images. The systems provide different production speeds, in standard, customized or tailor-made configurations

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