Front & back

Industrial automatic labelling machine for front and back application is ideal for labelling elliptical, round, rectangular or quadrangular products such as jars, bottles, boxes, jerrycans, tin, cans, vessels, glass, tin or drums for the lubricants, food, chemical and cosmetic markets.

The labelling machine is also available in Non-Stop configuration in order to avoid any downtime in the line and, consequently, advantage for daily productivity The labeling machine can be configured with different models (automatic applicators or print apply) according to production needs and equipped with alarms and controls and optional features such as printing units for printing codes, variable data or images. The systems offer different production speeds in standard or customized configurations. Thanks to the modular design of the labeling machine, it is possible to integrate other label applicators for additional label application on the same product (e.g. Side, Wrap labeling etc.) The industrial labelling machine can be used both offline or online connected to other packaging machines (e.g. filling machines or thermoforming machines) and able to satisfy any productivity requirement from 10 up to 300 products per minute.

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