Slide Systems Labelling Industrial Specialized Series


A labelling machine for labeling and/or coding flat products: laid down packets (either already glued or still “open”), telephone and credit cards, membership cards, envelopes, hang tags for clothing, etc.
It allows for application on the upper surface of the product.
Its modular main base in AISI 304 stainless steel can be equipped with:

  • a labeler (with possible letterpress marker or digital coder), or
  • ink jet print module of the thermo graphic type (HP technology)
  • code scanners or vision sensors, for checking printed data and actual labelling

Striped Linerless

A system for the ecological labeling of trays, containers and rectangular and parallelepiped products. It allows for application on the upper surface, sides and base of the product. The compact main base in stainless steel can be equipped with a thermal transfer digital coder (can be linked to a set of scales).

The limited thickness of the Linerless material, free of silicon liner, and the “short step” advancement allow for the great capacity of the label reels and consequently significant operative duration



Automatic industrial pharmaceutical system for labeling (bollino or vignette label) and coding pharmaceutical products such as flat carton boxes/lay-down pharma packets.

This system can be equipped with labelling machines and print unit providing for carton feeding, labelling and printing of flat boxes as well as with vision systems for reading and checking data.

The labeling machine belongs to Arca Pharma labeling machines line: a specific line designed and dedicated to the labeling, coding, traceability and serialization of pharmaceutical products. Therefore, designed to guarantee high standards of quality, safety, productivity and accessibility provided by the guidelines on good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.

For product traceability, the labeling system can be integrated with an Inkjet marker or a laser marker designed by Arca. The laser marker guarantees considerable advantages in terms of performance (non-stop solution), efficiency and operating savings.



Converter labelling system is a Top application (Top feed) for any flexible continuous ribbon (film, labels, cardboard, etc.). Top labeling system (top feed) for any flexible continuous ribbon (film, labels, cardboard, etc.).The DP version is equipped with a T.T. desktop printer for basic label customization, with variable data. Another transparent protective label is thus applied at a high rate of accuracy (+/- 1mm) above each printed label. This way, labels can be produced within the production cycle, and with the utmost flexibility, that are resistent to the harshest mechanical and chemical stresses! Double layer protective labels are also available, allowing for the painting of labeled products and subsequent removal of the upper protective label layer, restoring the visibility of the information printed on the underlying label


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