Solid Series

Digital MMI

Operator interface on a 4.3 “colour touch screen display. Includes the following fundamental features:

  • 200 “product programs” each identifiable with a name of up to 15 alphanumeric characters
  • “safe start-up” of the system; that is start-up preceded by a warning of the eventual acoustic / luminous signaling device with programmable delay
  • flashing green light to indicate “stand by” status
  • controlled shutdown to avoid the interruption of the labeling in progress and conclude the processing of all the products already inside the machine
  • length control (pitch) of the products, aimed at intercepting any products of different sizes (wrongly loaded on the line) or “knocked down” (overturned) or not adequately spaced apart
  • management of the controls for automatic ejection, without line stoppage, of “nonlabeled” products or of products with improperly over-printed labels.Physical movement of the sensor photocells is not required, nor is the ejector (neither at format change nor in case of speed variation).

Graphic MMI 4.0

Operator interface by 10 “industrial colour PC panel, MS Windows Embedded and solid state drive (SSD). Simple and intuitive graphics with representation of the machine layout and alarm location. Includes all the fundamental functions and furthermore:

  • centralized management of printing devices, code readers and vision systems
  • production data collection
  • traceability of labelled products (for batch and order)
  • Ethernet port on HUB/Switch and USB port accessible from the outside, for exporting data in SQL format
  • biometric access control
  • user profiling with different degrees of authority (compatible Windows Active directory)
  • CFR21, part. 11 compliant. Access timings, encrypted “audit trail” with registration of all the operations performed

Skytech & Sliding door protection

Solid Skytech: the model with the “uplifted”electrical system cabinet, near the power supply. To wash and clean more freely. Even in the Low Level version with the worktop particularly low, to allow the easier operation on lines that deal heavy products

“Sliding door” shielding (upward opening). Available for all the Solid systems (Side labeling). For the least obstruction and to avoid any obstruction to the MMI when doors are opened. It protects the system from dust and reduces noise pollution. The reel housing is accessible even with the covers down.

Skytech Low Level

Special guides, in stainless steel, for “handle lifting”

Non Stop

Non Stop coordinates two labelers placed in line, ensuring functional continuity. Each labeler starts automatically when the other one stops due to depleted label reel. Non Stop guarantees the labeling of products that are between the two applicators, even when switching from the downstream labeler to the upstream one breakdown or machine in alarm for whatever reason (e.g. silicon liner tearing)

Hightech Non Stop

The Hightech Non Stop system coordinates two labelers placed in line, ensuring functional continuity. Labelers are always fully accessible and they are automatically extracted (controlled motion) when the label roll is exhausted. Substitution is made in a safe situation without need of opening the guards. After reinstatement, the machine is put automatically back into the correct position for functioning.

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