Unmanned labelling, print management, products and shipment traceability, packaging validation are essential elements in the Industry 4.0 era.
The competitiveness of the market, the increasing variety of products, the variations in graphics and the continuous evolution of regulations are factors that complicate and expose the operation of production lines to risks. Furthermore, “spot” checks are expensive and do not provide a total quality guarantee.

In such a complex scenario, Arca provides Nice Label: the software for printing. International (multilingual), standardized and continuously evolved programs used by the most famous industries in the world, even in multinational contexts, for:

1. designing labels and layouts with Microsoft Active Directory compliant user profiling
2. centralizing the management of printers, coders and print apply of the most famous brands (Arca, Videojet, Wolke, Markem, Sato, Zebra, etc.)
3. automating labeling and marking operations to increase production efficiency
4. storing automatically production data
5. validating products for a factory operation guaranteed by every type of mixing
6. tracking batches and unit packs (also in the pharmaceutical market)
Arca integrates Nice Label programs in your IT system providing advice, customization, training, assistance and … perfectly compatible hardware!

Arca provides an industrial PC, Inspector 4.0, specifically designed for use in an industrial environment. Nice Label programs integrated by Arca are “open” because standard Windows print drivers and program libraries available to integrators. Keep free to choose and evolve your devices and suppliers: choose Nice Label and Arca integration.

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