Linerless is an automatic print and apply system applying the last printed label typically on still or moving boxes, packets, trays, pharma packets, pallets and many other products.

Linerless prints any type of code, images and variable data coming from the packaging line and applied the last printed label.

Linerless is a state-of-the-art labeller, typically installed in the end-of-the-line, and especially is an ecologic labeller. Indeed, thanks to linerless label, it offers the following advantages:

  • not even one metre of silicon liner to collect or dispose of
  • lower purchase cost
  • reduction of weight and occupied space, with consequent savings on transport and stocks
  • greater capacity of the reels with reduction of replacement operations

Technical specifications

  • speed and liner maximum width depending on print module installed
  • built on a solid anodized aluminum alloy plate, with all the components protected by the rear 61 Shore hardness light polymer shell. A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time
  • 4 pneumatic solenoid valves with independent blast and suction, to reduce air consumption (suction is suspended when the label is not on the pad)
  • emergency push button
  • large diameter (360mm / 14.17”) reel for long duration
  • paper path rollers numbered for quick loading
  • expansion rewinder manual
  • “U arm” for universal positioning
  • configured for the integration of a Sato or Zebra print module built in control panel, with luminous LEDs and soft keys. Otherwise, in the Advanced version, an independent control unit which can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cable length: 3 metres / 9.84 feet)

Linerless has advanced electronics so use it is very simple, thanks to the concentration of all the adjustments and controls in a single panel including:

  • four function buttons: alarm reset, stand by, printing and dispensing of a label and label application (cylinder movement)
  • four luminous LEDs to signal machine state: working/stand-by, failure, product detection and printing in process
  • two flow regulators, to control the exit and return speed of the pneumatic actuator
  • two flow regulators to control the suction and holding force (Air Assist) of the label, at the dispensing stage

4.0 Control unit

An operator interface featuring a 7-inch colors touch screen display for managing the labeling system, the printer and connected labels database. It features simple intuitive icons, displaying the machine’s layout with localization and an extended description of alarm messages; allows for the centralized management of all labeling and printing parameters.

Multi language menu (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian), divided for three levels of authority between “operator”, “supervisor” and “maintenance staff”



Arca uses modules for digital printing Sato, the world leaders in thermal transfer.

All Sato modules work both for thermal pigment transfer (t.t. tape) and for direct thermal printing.

Software NiceLabel

Print module management requires connection to a PC (desktop, notebook, industrial PC or Inspector control unit).

The number of printing modules that can be connected directly to a PC is unlimited and dependent on the interfaces available on the PC itself.

Ethernet represents the most common standard in industrial cabling, it offers the maximum transmission speed and the greatest guarantees of data integrity, thanks to the TCP / IP transmission protocol.

The Ethernet connection (via cable or Wi-Fi) facilitates the placement of the PC dedicated to managing graphics in a remote office and allows total integration with the corporate network. Print apply equipped with Inspector control units guarantee the best operation, allowing you to view, recall and manage the labels to be printed, also directly from the production line.

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