Tamper evident and serialization track & trace

Pharmatrack Seal 4.0

Automatic industrial labeling system for traceability, serialization and tamper-evident seal labels application on the corners of pharmaceutical cardboard boxes (full and sealed packets).

The strengths of the Track & Trace machine are the very compact dimensions to facilitate the installation insertion into existing packaging lines and flexibility: the labeller can be integrated with a special inkjet marker or laser marker for drugs serialization; especially, thanks to the collaboration with the vision systems leading companies in the pharmaceutical market, Pharmatrack Seal 4.0 can install any vision system chosen by the customer satisfying the specific traceability requirements of each country.

Labelling system series

The labelling system can be configured as following:

Solid Series

Highly robust and expandable systems, with the possibility of placing the labelers on both operating sides.


The labeling machine can be configured according to the customer’s needs.

The labeling machine belongs to Arca Pharma labeling machines line: a specific line designed and dedicated to the labeling and coding pharmaceutical products. Therefore, designed to guarantee high standards of quality, safety, productivity and accessibility provided by the guidelines on good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.

Thanks to the modular design of the labeling machine, it is possible to integrate other label applicators for additional label application on the same product.


The industrial labelling machine can be used both offline or online connected to other packaging machines (e.g. filling machines) and able to satisfy any productivity requirement up to 200 products per minute.

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