Automatic industrial pharmaceutical labeling system for wrap-around label application on ampoules, vials, test tubes, syringes, single-dose, strip monodose, blow fill seal and all cylindrical-format pharmaceutical products.

For product traceability, the labeling system can be integrated with an Inkjet marker or a laser marker designed by Arca. The laser marker guarantees considerable advantages in terms of performance (non-stop solution), efficiency and operating savings.

Labeling System

“Linear” labeling systems that guarantee all the flexibility of the sticker.

Lignt Series

Minimum footprint, maximum efficiency.

All the reliability of the most advanced solution, without jeopardizing quality


Solid Series

Highly robust and expandable systems, with the possibility of placing the labelers on both operating sides.


The labeling machine belongs to Arca Pharma labeling machines line: a specific line designed and dedicated to the labeling, coding, traceability and serialization of pharmaceutical products. Therefore, designed to guarantee high standards of quality, safety, productivity and accessibility provided by the guidelines on good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.

Thanks to the modular design of the labeling machine, it is possible to integrate other label applicators for additional label application on the same product.


Arca designs a full range of automatic labeling systems for wrapping applications on pharmaceutical cylindrical products that can be used both offline (a rotary table is available for loading and unloading products) and on-line connected to other packaging machines (eg. filling machines) for applications from 10 up to 300 pieces per minute.