We chose LifeGate Energy

100% renewable, 100% Italian energy of certified origin and Zero Impact®

Our commitment for the environment

We at Arca Labeling & Marking are aware that a professional, responsible and modern company plays an important role not only for its customers, employees and collaborators, but also for the socio-economic fabric and the territory in which it carries out its daily operations.
Our commitment to sustainability arises from the love for our birthplaces where every one of us leads their professional and private lives.
For these reasons we support with enthusiasm some initiatives for the protection and the development of our territory and invest in internal projects aimed at a constant reduction of the environmental impact of our production activities, as well as in mindful choices in the selection of materials and suppliers, as attested, for example, by the FSC certification we hold. Operating in a sustainable way is for Arca Labeling & Marking a necessity felt by all company levels and actualized through tangible initiatives.

Have you ever thought about how much energy costs? Energy bill entries, of course, are the first things that come to everyone's mind, but… how much does it really cost to produce, deliver and use energy? The impact on the environment is a hardly considered factor. What are we willing to give up in order to have the energy we need in our daily lives?

We at Arca Etichette believe that sustainability is the cornerstone for building our future: it is now unthinkable to live, move and work to the detriment of the environment. Arca has always shared these values and today we confirm it with an important choice: our offices are now powered by clean energy. We have chosen the energy of LifeGate: 100% renewable, Italian and of certified origin. The residual CO2 emissions from energy production and distribution activities are balanced out by our supplier through the Zero Impact project.
With LifeGate, Arca has an active role as an agent of change in the most important environmental challenge of our time: the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables.