Laser markers DPSS

The DPSS laser (Diode Pumped Solid State) represents the highest quality solution in the world of marking.

It works on short wavelengths which offers a better result in terms of absorption on all materials.

Do not raise the temperature of the marked surface by preventing the formation of burrs, unwanted coloring, deformations and requiring a limited amount of power. No damage to the product and high marking contrast

UV laser

Wavelength 355nm. Thermal stress non-existent (cold marking).

Ideal for high temperature resistance resins.

The limited size of the spot allows the maximum resolution.

A perfect marking for a result of high aesthetic quality

Green laser

Wavelength 532nm. Low thermal stress

Laser station with ergonomic, compact, industrial and intelligent structure.

Arca Laser Station can be used as a work station either standing or sitting. Upon specific requests, we equip this machine with linear axes in x and y direction and rotation axes with different clamping systems. For integration into a prwith ergonomic, compact, industrial and intelligent structure. The Arca marking oduction chain, this marking station allows longitudinal transfer of the pieces. The side openings of the housing make it very flexible and can meet all customer needs thanks to its flexibility and suitability for numerous types of applications in every sector from the automotive to the pharmaceutical industry.
The laser marking stations is compatible with all Arca laser markers.


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