The Group

Mission and Value of the Arca Group

The Mission of the Arca group demonstrates the commitment to continue and strengthen product and service leadership, combined by new commitments to the Environment, Employees and Communities.

We create innovative products for labeling and identification, intended for the manufacturing industry: self-adhesive labels and sleeve for packaging decoration, promotion, safety, logistics and the best automatic labeling machines, print-apply, laser markers, software for unmanned printing, product validation and traceability. By mastering all aspects of the subject, we can guarantee complete and safe solutions.

We are a Benefit Corporation, committed to generating measurable economic and social value, preserving the environment, using processes that reduce energy consumption and waste of resources, involving suppliers and customers in common actions on ecological issues. We promote projects for our community, spreading the culture of sustainability in the area. We encourage the cultural and professional growth of our people.

Sustainable, Since Ever

We tell Arca world with our constant commitment in many projects and more sustainable activities that we carry out every day.


Great Stories Are Born From A Great Passion

We create mutual value for our people, the local communities impacted by our activities, the stakeholders along our value chain and the contexts in which we operate.


Code of Ethics

In the process of organizing the Group’s commitment, we have prepared a Code of Ethics which identifies the corporate values in which the company intends to comply. Furthermore, it describes the way of doing business for our companies, based on honestyresponsibilityand transparency.

This Code of Ethics is intended for our employees but also for suppliers and collaborators and regulates our behavior towards all stakeholders.