CO2 Laser Markers

Arca CO2 laser markers combines high performance and flexibility ensuring high quality marks on moderate speed to high speed lines. Co2 laser markers have been designed to guarantee the best quality codes on high speed lines. They are able to reproduce every type of font, 1D / 2D codes or logo

Laser markers power

Arca offers a wide range of C02 laser markers: 10W, 30W, 60W and 80W. In this way we are able to satisfy every application need offering the most suitable laser power.

The laser power goes at the same pace of the production line speed: the faster will be the production line, the greater must be the laser power. In the choice of the CO2 laser marker is also necessary to consider the substrates and the coding that will be marked on the products.

laser markers

laser markers are the ideal solutions for marking complex codes to meet the demand of applications in Food&Beverage, Cosmetic, Pharma and Extrusion industries. With a wide range of choice between marking chassis, lenses, wavelength, this laser marker guarantees more than 30 spot sizes options able to offer several solutions in order to obtain the best marking result.

Perfect marking results on plastic, polymer, wood, paper, glass and rubber.


Laser station

Laser station with ergonomic, compact, industrial and intelligent structure. The Arca marking station can be used as a work station either standing or sitting. Upon specific requests, we equip this machine with linear axes in x and y direction and rotation axes with different clamping systems. For integration into a production chain, this marking station allows longitudinal transfer of the pieces. The side openings of the housing make it very flexible and can meet all customer needs thanks to its flexibility and suitability for numerous types of applications in every sector from the automotive to the pharmaceutical industry.
The laser marking stations is compatible with all Arca laser markers.


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