Laser Marker System and Labelling Machine for Paper Industry, Credit/Telphone Cards

A complete line of machines designed and equipped with all the necessary devices that make them suitable for folding cartons and the paper and cardboard industry in general:

  • – CO2 and Fiber laser markers, for indelible encoding: lot number, expiry date, barcodes/2D. Directly onto the cards or label
  • – Thermal inkjet markers (HP standard) for customizing paper or labels
  • – Labelers that can be integrated onto any pre-existing line. High speed models (up to 150 m/min), for precision labeling (including Non Stop) and adjustable speeds based on a variable acceleration ramp 
  • – Protective labeling for credit cards
  • – Systems equipped with automated sorters for labeling credit / telephone cards, illustrated prospectuses (even with a seal), printed items and envelopes of all sizes
  • – Software, optical devices and complete systems for the traceability of unit and multiple packages
  • – “Product validation” through optical correct labeling checks, effective printing of variable data (OCR/OCV), barcodes/2D checks, incorrect label removal check, labeling and proper label placement checks 
  • – Desktop printers, print modules and thermal transfer coders
  • – “Print and apply” labelers designed for unit package applications, boxes and bundles (including Non Stop and “in real time”). Featuring continuous print quality monitoring, for corrective actions without interrupting production
  • – Linerless Print Apply systems, for eco-friendly “print and apply” labeling (linerless labeling)
  • – “Print and apply” labeling on pallets using optical systems to monitor the shape and counting of packages on irregular pallets

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