Flash 4.0

Arca’s “concept labeler”. Literally a “custom-built” of self-adhesive labeling

Maximum connectivity to the information system and the web. Intuitive control, even remotely; all the more advanced features and performance simply unrivaled in terms of frequency, speed, precision, autonomy. And this with a compact structure, without “external” pre-unwinders, nor bulky band loops. A geometry only possible thanks to control technology which allows the perfect synchronization of the 3 motors.

Flash is a very powerful labeller, but delicate with the siliconized support, thanks to the “Push pull” traction unit able to handle the most delicate liners, without tearing e without tensile deformations. Projected into the future, Flash is the ideal labeller for those exasperated applications that still… we can’t imagine

* Available from September 2022

Technical Features

MMiI 4.0

Man machine instinctive interface

An extraordinarily touch screen interface intuitive, it makes using the Arca 4.0 labelers! Everything is quick; making mistakes is impossible, operation it is guided and safe

Range Monitoring

Calculation in real time of autonomy, in pieces and in residual time (in performance function); with representation graphic / chromatic and display visualization of “approaching end of roll”. The monitoring is always active, does not require any operation (fail proof). Requires the use of rolls whole labels or in any case with quantity of labels known

SecuMode (Security Modeling)

Functions and protectable operating parameters individually (pw variables). The standard security can be freely modeled by the client, according to his own organization

Advanced Labeling Programs

Can be stored with extended name, can be created by copy, with modification aware and possibility of back up on application Arca Overview

Video training

“Video training” on the machine they guide operators in multiple operations frequent!



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Téléchargez une de nos monographies

Découvrez tous nos produits avec nos monographies thématiques