Arca columns and support structures are equipped with adjustable feet, complete with soft rubber base to reduce vibrations and configured for drilling for possible floor fastening.
Available also with wheels for quick removal

A spirit level facilitates optimal positioning.

Realized in two versions that employ different materials: Iron – in Fe42 steel, coated with metallic black non scratch epoxy powder; Steel – in AISI304 shotblast finished stainless steel

Steel version column with 4 guide machine position adjustment (for heavy machines). The ground columns come
complete with drilling for the passage of wires inside the vertical stanchion.

Iron version column with 2 guide machine position adjustment. The base is designed to allow for easy insertion even under the customer’s line

Strong version column (heavy duty)

Iron 450 Side column. Ideal for supporting the labeler in horizontal position.

Medium Level and Low Level models also available, for application at any height

The Top Bridge support structures (available in versions for 1/2/3 machines) are ideal for installations on wide lines (e.g. with several conveyors side by side) or for two machines in Non Stop configuration. They include device for automatic labeler extraction into the position most convenient for label reel and T.T. ribbon replacement

The Side support structure protects the labeler from accidental knocks. The labeler can be deployed both in perpendicular (as in the picture) and horizontal position

The Side support structure can host two machines for application at two different heights

Fastening system via Arca Clip for Bi-Fuel series print apply. Typically employed for fixing to the column in perpendicular position, when there is no need for adjustment on the horizontal and vertical axes

The Side support structure can be cabined with a wire netting safety protection or a protective paneling, to protect the machine from dust. It is also possible to preserve it from extreme temperatures via installation of conditioning devices

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