A brand that’s recognized throughout the world. A business philosophy that’s geared toward exports, dedicated to providing ideal services and products for distributors, systems integrators and resellers of packaging machinery:

  • – Extended 14 month warranty (on both mechanical and electronic parts) covering integration and installation times
  • – Databases for layouts and 2D drawings, facilitating the integration of Arca machines, as well as supporting on site production for complete labeling systems, by the distributor
  • – Technical Training for operators, installers and maintenance staff, held at Arca or at the distributor’s site. As required, qualified technicians can be deployed directly anywhere in the world; including countries “not recommended” by the Italian Foreign Ministry

“On-line” marketing tools available: files providing the best sales and marketing documentation worldwide, high quality photographic material to create customized promotional brochures; reference data bases

Arca machines are sold in over 40 countries and in 5 continents worldwide. Advanced state-of-the-art products that display a high quality of engineering, using top level components that are guaranteed and available anywhere in the world. Arca offers:

  • – Diverse technology platforms (labeling + laser) to help seize more opportunities
  • – A complete range of models, for a winning strategy in all markets sectors. From more competitive machines (simple but without compromising quality) to the most sophisticated high performance models anywhere in the world
  • – Operator panels with international symbols. Operator displays and user manuals in 7 standard languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian) and, on request, in any language in the world
  • – Top level print apply units purchasable without a print module, to be integrated by resellers

Exclusive technology platforms to help differentiate yourself from the competition: Scanmanager and Inspector, Powerkit, Quick Opening, Linerless and Striped Linerless, High Precision Safe applicators

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