SATO CL612e desktop printer

SATO CL612e desktop printer for digitally printing labels and tags using thermal ink transfer (T.T. ribbon) or direct thermal printing. Already used in the Arca show room (t.t. printing head brand-new). Allows for the reproduction of:

– EAN 8, EAN 13, MAXICODE, INTERLEAFED 2/5, INDUSTRIAL 2/5, CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE 128, UCC/EAN 128, DATA MATRIX, MATRIX 2/5, CODABAR, UPC A/E, POSTNET, MSI, BOOKLAND, PDF417, Truncated PDF 417, RSS-14 and QR Code barcodes. The codes can be rotated 90° in all directions and with variable height;

– micro and macro characters (even in reverse printing) which can be rotated 90° in all directions, selectable from 12 resident fonts (Latin alphabet) which can be horizontally and vertically expanded ;

– True Type graphics and fonts.

Interface via LCD display to visualize messages (in 6 languages), with a 2-key programming keyboard. label roll and T.T. ribbon depletion check.

CPU 32 bit RISK, 117 Mhz. DRAM 16 Mb Memory. Requires a connection to a Personal Computer via a communication interface (not included in this article and to be selected from available models according to specific needs).

Features of usable thermal transfer ribbon:

– length max 410 m / 1,345 ft;

– width min 50 mm / 2″, max 172 mm / 6.7″;

Features of usable labels:

– roll diameter: external max 203 mm / 8″, internal 76 mm / 3″;

– band width: min 50 mm / 2″, max 180 mm / 7.1″;

– length (pitch): min 16mm / 0.63″ (22mm / 0.86″ in “rip” mode), max 356mm / 14″;

– fixed space between labels: min 3 mm / 0.11″, max 10 mm / 0.39″;

– thickness (label plus liner): min 0.08 mm / 0.003″, max 0.26 mm / 0.01″.

Print features:

– area width: max 165 mm / 6.5″ (starting from 3 mm / 0.12″, +/- 1.5 mm / 0.06″, from “zero point”, i.e. the internal side of the silicon liner);

– resolution: 12 dots/mm (305 dpi);

– speed: selectable between 101-152-203 mm/second – 4″ – 6″ – 8″/second.

Standard power supply: 110/240V single phase – 50/60Hz, 490 Watt. Working temperature: min 5° C, max 40° C. Certifications: CE, UL-CSA and TUV.

Guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturing defects related to the specific Sato component. The printing head is also covered by a specific 12 month guarantee, for up to a maximum of 30 Km / 18.75 miles of operation (15 Km / 9.3 miles when used with direct thermal labels, without thermal transfer ribbon). In the event of consumable materials not supplied by Arca (T.T. ribbons and labels), the acknowledgement of the guarantee is subject to the manufacturer’s authorization, which reserves the right to ascertain the suitability of such materials.

Conditions: used only for Exhibitions and Showroom

Price: 1.950,00€

Barcode Reader DATALOGIC

Fixed barcode reader, laser technology, Datalogic brand, DS6300-100-012 model with incorporated Ethernet interface. Complete with connection cable (2 meters in length). Suitable for one dimensional barcodes, with minimum resolution (width of narrowest bar) of 0.2mm. It can read at a distance of between 300 and 1,400mm from the code, depending on the dimension of the code itself. IP64 protection rating.

Conditions: used only for Exhibitions and Showroom

Price: 1.000,00€

Assist 15T Pentium 4 1.5 GHz industrial PC

Industrial PC, Assist 15T model, with front plate in milled aluminum for panel assembly, with color LCD, active TFT matrix technology, high luminosity 250cd/sq. m, featuring 4 back lights, 1,024 x 768 XGA resolution and 15.1″ resistant analogue Touch-Screen, 8 wires, with serial controller.

The industrial PC offers numerous interfacing possibilities with various devices, thanks to its I/O interfaces:

– 2 RS232s;

– 1 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T network interface, on board integrated RJ45;

– 2 USBs, one of which is accessible from the front end, featuring an IP65 protective cover;

– 1 BUS for PC104 expansion on the motherboard and 2 BUS PCI slots + 1 BUS ISA slot on the PISA backplane.

The CPU employed is a 1.26GHz Intel PIII with 256MB system RAM.

The accessible USB port at the front end of the PC greatly facilitates the connection of external portable devices such as CD-ROM players, external or solid state HDDs, which can be hot swapped without having to power off the PC, facilitating system maintenance operations.

protection rating: IP65 on front end; power supply: 220 Vac – 250W, AT, PS/2;

CPU: 1.2GHz Intel PIII, with active dissipation using ball bearing fan.

Free slots: 2 PCI slots + 1 ISA slot on the backplane and 1 PC-104 BUS on the motherboard;

RAM: 1 256MB DIMM 168 pin, 133MHz FSB;

Display: 15.1″ color LCD, TFT active matrix – 1,024 x 768 XGA resolution – 250cd/sq. m, 4BL.

Touch-Screen: resistant analogue Touch-Screen, 8 wires, serial controller (occupies one of the available serials).

HDD & FDD: 1 3.5″ 20.4 GB / 1 3.5″ 1.44MB HD with protective shutter.

Network: Ethernet 10/100 MB, Base-T, RJ45 integrated on the motherboard.

External connections: 2 RS232, 1 LPT, 1 PS2 mouse, 1 AT keyboard, 1 VGA, 2 x USB (one accessible on the PC’s front panel, featuring IP65 protective cover).

Complete with:

Cabinet to contain and protect an industrial PC and relative power pack; designed in Fe42 steel with Iron finish, black epoxy powder treated and fitted with an openable front shutter for maintenance operations.

Conditions: used only for Exhibitions and Showroom

Price : 2.762,00€

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