Designed according to accurate risk analysis

All potentially dangerous points are covered
In all the models with maximium speed over 40m/min, when traction set is open a special sensor impedes unwanted machine start up

Thanks to the measures adopted, Arca labelers do not run significant risks and, with most applicators, they do not require accident proof cabined protection

The 3000 series covers are fixed with “screws you can’t lose”

The rotating disks have no holes or dangerous openings

The linear applicator guides run inside protective tubes

Connection cables to the control unit (CSA-UL)

The Bi-Fuel series print apply are equipped with emergency button which also cuts off pneumatic circuits
The control logic prevents the possibility of uncontrolled applicator start up

Patented release device of the label support pad. Used in most pneumatic applicators. It efficiently contrasts the risk of shearing

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