Etichette neutre

Plain labels (white labels) and thermal transfer ribbons (TTR)

Arca produces a complete range of plain labels, designed for labeling boxes, bundles and pallets. These neutral labels are manufactured using top quality paper and adhesives, available in multiple standard formats or on request. Arca’s neutral labels guarantee:

  • – perfect compatibility with thermal transfer heads on desktop printers and print apply units
  • – excellent product adhesion 
  • – easy dispensing on any labeler

Arca labels can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, including together with the thermal transfer ribbon, for customized labels within your production cycle. In fact, Arca offers a wide range of ribbons, allowing you to choose the pigment most suitable to your printing needs. An appropriate strategy will allow you to meet all your readability and indelibility requirements.

Printing variable data in-line during production (or in-house) is an increasingly widespread occurrence, since it guarantees maximum flexibility. 
Now Arca offers more, with our all-inclusive Printing Full Service, combining:

1) desktop printers for labels and print apply labelers (in-line printing and application)

2) self-adhesive neutral or printed labels

3) thermal transfer ribbons that are compatible and meet the customer’s durability needs

4) spare thermal transfer heads, with an extended warranty

5) technical support and service and maintenance contracts

Opt for a single supplier, to ensure worry-free printing and labeling at contained costs. A specialized one-stop supplier that designs and manufactures both machinery and materials: a single source of expertise to perform tests and ensure the necessary compatibility of all system components in the production process, working from a fully equipped state-of-the-art ISO9001 Quality certified laboratory.


The “Thermal Transfer Ribbon” comprises a polyester support (liner) with one side covered by a veil of dry ink (1-1.5g/sq.m.), available in pigments of various colors and compositions.
On the opposite side, the liner is specially treated with a “back coating” to scroll along the printing head without damaging it, i.e. at low friction and without generating electrostatic charges.
The use of good quality ribbon is thus an important factor both for graphic yield and towards containing operating costs. Two types of thermal transfer ribbons exist, depending on the printing technology adopted: “flat” or “near-edge” (from the position of the thermal head).
“Flat” technology used by print apply print modules (e.g. Sato and Zebra) guarantees a greater life expectancy for the heads, and allows for the use of more economical ribbons.
“Near-edge” technology is indispensable only when using encoders with a horizontal head movement (e.g. Dataflex).

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