Marcatura Laser e stampanti incisione laser Arca

Indelible encoding and high quality graphics; total reliability and Non Stop productivity. No consumables, no residues. Light doesn’t pollute!

The term LASER is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation: a source of electromagnetic radiation that amplifies a monochromatic, coherent (unidirectional) and concentrated light source with high power density.
Laser marking Is a “contact free print” technology that offers a range of undeniable benefits compared to alternative processes

All advantages of Laser Marker manufactured by Arca

  • UNMATCHABLE PRODUCTIVITY: thanks to the possibility of continuous operation, with no down time for replacing consumables: lasers provide a “NON STOP” marking system!
  • INDELIBLE: laser marking is forever! 
  • COST EFFICIENT: lasers don’t require any consumables 
  • HIGH GRAPHIC QUALITY that is always absolutely constant over time 
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS, thanks to an absence of moving parts and components subject to wear 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: lasers don’t produce any residual waste 
  • ABSOLUTELY CLEAN: light is clean! 
  • HIGH LIFE EXPECTANCY: 100.000 hours in a non-stop production line
  • LASER LEAN MAINTENANCE: click here for further information

Lasers provide the most advanced marking and encoding system, a process that is both efficient and effective. An investment with a certain return that is easily quantifiable

Arca offers a complete range of markers, accessories, protection and suction systems that allow laser technology to be fully exploited

Ideal solution for food&beverage, cosmetic, pharma industries. High quality marks on paperboard, glass, resins, polymers, ceramics, metal and plastic materials and labels and PET.

Ideal solution for high speed food&beverage, cosmetic, pharma, automotive, aerospace, and extrusion industries. High quality marks on plastic and metal materials, ceramics and polymers (except PET)

In traditional, single-chamber light sources, there is a trade-off between bandwidth and power, forcing you to choose between compromising performance or cost effectiveness. But with MOPA technology, you no longer have to compromise.

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