The 3000 and Bi-Fuel series labelers are equipped with a large diameter reel housing: 360 or 380mm / 14.17 or 14.96”, guaranteeing around double duration compared to a standard 300mm / 11.81” reel

Replacement of the depleted reel constitutes the main limitation to the productivity of self adhesive labelers. Arca present state of the art solutions to reduce or even completely eliminate line downtime

The advance “approaching end of reel” alarm warns the operators so they can get ready for the replacement.
Arca employ an optical device (without mechanical probes) which does not take up space and needs no operation to be carried out to enable it

The diameters of the rewinders are always enough to hold all the liner of the reels, even of maximum diameter.
A single stop to replace the depleted reel and free the rewinder

The “instantaneous” alarm for “reel end” arrests the labeler immediately at the end of the label reel, before the liner “slips” out of its path. In this way, imprecise labeling (in the absence of tension) is avoided and it allows for rapid replacement via “jointing”

The “narrow” silicon support extractor fan, used as an alternative to the rewinder, can evacuate the liner towards a shredder.
It is practically indispensable for the employment of very high capacity “Spool Reels”

Housing for reels with narrow labels of the very high capacity “Spool Reel” type

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