Competitive markets impose increasingly
gre­ater productivity

The growing variety of products (formats, ver­sions, fragrances, flavors, etc) increases the num­ber of packagings managed. Ongoing changes to graphics, linked to promotions and constantly evol­ving legislation, further complicate matters on the packaging line

In such a complex scenario, production is subject to a multitude of risks

– Unreadable barcodes/2D codes
Large-scale retailing demands codes that can easily be read using normal laser scanners. – Unreadable codes can cost suppliers, with the pallet even being returned

– Mix ups of unit packages
Putting a batch or even just a single product with the wrong packaging onto the market can have serious consequences, especially in the pharmaceutical and food sectors.
Recalling a batch for repackaging is extremely costly and is often impossible for perishable food products. The damage to corporate image can be considerable

– Logistical mix ups
Each unit package must be vehicled in the correct multiple package: bundle, box or pallet

Spot checks are expensive, holding up production and involving Quality Control de­partments. Furthermore they do not provide a total quality guarantee

The most effective and economic solution is to automatically check 100% of the packages during production, inspecting all bar­codes/2D codes for:

1) readability
2) correctness, i.e. product match
3) tracking of any non conformities
4) development and tracking of print quality, to gua­rantee productive continuity

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