Print Apply Linerplus Advanced 4.0 – Print & Apply Labeller


The Linerplus Advanced is a state of the art print apply, extraordinarily versatile, complete with all kinds of accessories and able to satisfy every possible application need
– speed and liner maximum width depending on print module installed
-built on a solid anodized aluminium alloy plate, with all the components protected by the rear 61 Shore hardness light polymer shell. A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time
4 pneumatic solenoid valves with independent blast and suction, to reduce air consumption (suction is suspended when the label is not on the pad)
emergency push button
– large diameter (360mm / 14.17”) reel for long duration
– paper path rollers numbered for quick loading
– expansion rewinder manual
– “U arm” for universal positioning
– configured for the integration of a Sato or Zebra print module

An operator interface featuring a 7 inch colours touch screen display for managing the labeling system, the printer and connected labels database. It features simple intuitive icons, displaying the machine’s layout with localization and an extended description of alarm messages; allows for the centralized management of all labeling and printing parameters.

The firmware with multilingual interface (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese)
–  “Quick Set Up” for the labeler’s start-up, using “label programs” (max. 100) that can store and recall all operating parameters.
– “User Security” manages the timing of access (“automatic lock out”) and defined “user profiles” with differentiated, configurable authority levels (operator, supervisor and maintenance staff). In Windows networks, the password can be used, subject to Microsoft’s Active Directory policies.
– “Print Only” allows the labels selection and preview as well as variable data manangement. The labels to be printed can be drawn (on desktop PC)  by specific program and transferred from the print module via USB pendrive (print apply stand-alone configuration) or through LAN connection. In the case of the labeler shutting down (for any accidental cause of a power cut off) Print Only suggests to the operator the last label in use, printing.
– “Code Checks” functions for the advanced management of one compatible optical image/barcode/2D control device, with presence check, readability and conformity to the set code and/or a family of set codes; resulting activation of an ejector for moving or still products (where applicable).
– “Smart Troubleshooting” function suggests to the operator the necessary actions in case of malfunctioning; alarms and prealarms are visualized on the control unit display and made available to the customer through standard connector (voltage free contacts). It includes advanced configuration and remot failure diagnostic functions for maintenance assistance.
– “Counter monitor”, displays hourly production and number of labeled products, with the possibility of setting up a labeling stop counter. It includes the End-of-label-roll electronic check, with pre-alarm, based on presetting of the number of labels on the roll.
Electronic labeling point control (no need to move the photocell along the production line).
Variable speed operation: with Out applicator or Air Jet function (cylinder stopped) only, via an encoder interface.
Position safety control (IN/OUT) for the pneumatic actuator (even with the machine in stand-by); prevents shocks against products transiting on the line, in the event of the applicator’s accidental stoppage (e.g. compressed air circuit interruption).
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