Print Apply Linerless – Print & Apply Labeller



The Linerless is a state of the art ecological print apply.

– speed and liner maximum width depending on Sato S84 print module installed
– built on a solid anodized aluminium alloy plate, with all the components protected by the rear 61 Shore hardness light polymer shell.

A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time
– 6 pneumatic solenoid valves with independent blast and suction, to reduce air consumption (suction is suspended when the label is not on the pad)
emergency push button
– large diameter (360mm / 14.17”) Linerless reel for very long duration
– paper path rollers numbered for quick loading
– “U arm” for universal positioning
– spray lubrication system for the cutting blade, to minimize the need for cleaning
– built in control panel, with luminous LEDs and soft keys (same functions of the Linerplus model)

The advantages of Linerless labels, without silicon support, are countless:
– not even one metre of silicon liner to collect or dispose of
– lower purchase cost
– reduction of weight and occupied space, with consequent savings on transport and stocks
– greater capacity of the reels with reduction of replacement operations

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