Arca labelers are designed to take up the least possible line staff time. Every device is studied to render the few necessary operations very quick. Operation is simple, fast and safe thanks to state of the art solutions guaranteeing the maximum efficiency

To reduce friction, the rewinder disk rotates along with the one way mandrel

Numerical position indicators for fine tuning

The label reel housing employs a special polymer disk, hardened with fibreglass, to adequately support the heaviest reels even in the case of a labeler positioned horizontally

Arca pneumatic applicators are equipped with Air Assist: a directionable air blast which holds the label up during dispensing, while passing from the silicon liner to the support pad

Electro mechanic microswitch label sensor. Suitable also for transparent labels

Photocell label sensor equipped with self learning button and status LED.
It doesn’t touch the label and reduces the need for cleaning (not suitable for transparent labels). Available also in the version for die cut surfaces (e.g. security pre cuts)

Photocell label sensor with multipage label support

All the rollers that guide the liner are capped to avoid the deposit of dirt.
Sequential numbering or special diagrams facilitate machine set up

In the 3000 series traction set the “Dual Spring” device distributes pressure evenly, with labels of any width

Photocell label sensor for UV surfaces, equipped with special support. Essential for transparent biadhesive labels

The 3000 series traction set is opened using one finger. It is totally accessible to guarantee very quick operations
The counter cylinder is “snap” extracted (without employment of tools) to facilitate cleaning operations

Labeler horizontal position adjustment, accessible from the operator side

On the rewinder, the variable diameter mandrel facilitates the removal of the liner. The mandrel is normally expanded so that the operator is not required to perform any operations and cannot forget to set it

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