Arca boasts a long standing partnership with “product packaging machinery” manufacturers. This business philosophy translates into ideal services and products for manufacturers:

  • – Advanced high quality products designed and built with top level components, available and guaranteed anywhere in the world
  • – Operator panels with international symbols
  • – Operator displays and user manuals in 7 standard languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian) and, on request, in any language in the world
  • – Accurate risk analyses conducted under conditions designed to satisfy the most demanding customers
  • – Extended 14month warranty (on both mechanical and electronic parts) covering integration and installation periods
  • – Installation and technical support, provided by Arca’s qualified technicians, in any part of the world; including countries “not recommended” by the Italian Foreign Ministry
  • – A labeling division capable of providing: top level consulting on consumables, labeling projects with templates and special processes, testing samples and Pre Delivery Inspections
  • – Availability to install outsourced components (e.g. vision systems) acquired directly from manufacturers
  • – An exclusive “manufacturer’s” price list and special discounts on spare parts and servicing labor; conditions that allow for resale with a profit margin, without compromising end users, who can purchase from the manufacturer at the same price they would pay with Arca

If you’re a “machine manufacturer,” experiment with Arca’s products and benefits: ask for a free trial on an Arca labeler or laser marker right away.

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