Automatic labelling machine for self adhesive labels speed up to 150 m/minute


This is the most advanced model of the labelling machines range manufactured by Arca.
A state-of-the-art label applicator as far as engine and electronics.
The Flash industrial automatic labelling machine applies labels with widths of up to 80 mm able to guarantee high speed and high accuracy labelling.
The configuration is totally customizable with the fitting of a wide range of applicators, columns and ancillary devices depending on the application requirements of the labels. Features:

– 80mm / 3.15” label liner maximum width
– built on a solid aluminum alloy casting. A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time
– large diameter reel housing for very long duration
– expansion rewinder mandrel
– independent motorized rewinder
– Advanced control unit, which is independent and can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cables length 3 meters / 9.84 feet)
– advance loop unwinder
– 3 brushless motors