Slide Evolution Labelling Automatic Industrial Unit Control 50 meters/min Full speed


Evolution is a state-of-the-art labeler, extraordinarily versatile, complete with all kinds of accessories and able to satisfy almost any application requirement.
The Evolution industrial automatic labelling machine applies labels with widths of up to 240 mm.
The configuration is totally customizable with the fitting of a wide range of applicators, columns and ancillary devices depending on the application requirements of the labels.


Housing reel

  • Reel diameter 360mm for long duration
  • Extending rewinder

4.0 Control Unit

Advanced control unit, which is independent and can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cables length: 3 meters / 118,10”)




Thanks to the POWERKIT, a normal Evolution 160 or 240 labeler can be equipped with a Sato or Zebra print module.

Compared to print apply machines with pneumatic applicator, the POWERKIT offers the following advantages:

  • very high production frequency. The absence of pneumatic actuators frees the labeling from the downtime of cylinder transfer. Moreover, thanks to the “label queue”, the print module works continuously, both during labeling and in the time running between the arrival of one product and the next
  • employment of the print module at a lower speed (better resolution and less wear)
  • ideal for wrap around labelling
  • it allows for the employment of labels of very different formats without the need to replace the label pad
  • better dispensing precision
  • possibility of employment excluding the print module, limiting wear to the head
  • it can be installed at any time (even as retrofit)

Laser markers Co2 e Fiber

Laser markers are the most advanced and effective tool for customizing self-adhesive labels (printing of variable data such as alphanumeric texts, logos and 1D/2D codes), guaranteeing a wide range of essential benefits compared to all other printing systems:

  • no consumable materials to pay for, order and manage in stock
  • “non-stop” operation: no downtime (line stoppage) for replenishing consumable materials
  • no discarded waste to manage: no TT ribbon liner or empty ink cartridges
  • 99.9% production yield: no moving parts subject to wear, no damaged print head /burnt dots, no clogged nozzles or defective TT ribbons
  • label marking point defined via software, no mechanical adjustment needed, and, where the marker is positioned directly on the peeler:
  • print apply function: last printed label, first label applied, no pre-customized label “queue”
  • no delay complicating the ribbon path


Pneumatic applicator

pneumatic applicator for the application of labels on concave surfaces.


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