Slide Dynamic Applicator Label Industrial Control Unit 40 meters/min full speed


The labelling machine DYNAMIC is the entry-level model of the range of label applicators manufactured by Arca. It is a compact, robust, reliable and price saving label applicator to cover a wide range of industrial labelling needs.

The configuration is totally customizable with the fitting of a wide range of applicators, columns and ancillary devices depending on the application requirements of the labels.

Very easy to use thanks to all the controls being concentrated in a single Advanced Control unit.



Housing reel

Thanks to a special return it can have variable geometry, with the reel housing in two possible positions or even remoted.

Reel diameter 280 mm

4.0 Control Unit

Advanced control unit, which is independent and can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cables length: 3 meters / 118,10”)


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