Labelling machines and laser markers for chemical industry

A complete line of labelling machines and laser markers designed and equipped with all the necessary devices that make them suitable for the chemical industry.

Labelling machines for labeling buckets and cans (even conical), drums, kegs; including in Non-Stop configuration and with Open Frame type stainless steel structures, to facilitate operations and cleaning. “Low level” versions for facilitating the loading of heavy products.

“Print and apply” labelers designed for unit package applications, boxes, bundles and pallet (including Non-Stop and “in real time”). Labeling on pallets using optical systems to monitor the shape and counting of packages on irregular pallets.

CO2 and Fiber laser markers, for indelible encoding: lot number, expiry date, barcodes/2D. Directly onto phials, bottles, jerry cans, buckets or labels.

“Product validation” through optical correct labeling checks, effective printing of variable data (OCR/OCV), barcodes/2D checks, incorrect label removal check, labeling and proper label placement checks.