Arca labelers are equipped with a diagnostic function (with indications via LEDs or display) for all the electric components of the machine Some “voltage free” contacts are available, via external connector for signal exchange with the field (e.g. line stop), for client use to signal the following machine states:
1) “machine switched on and not in alarm” (N.C.
contact). For labeler only (not p.a.), alternatively, the
“machine on alarm” status can be signaled (N.O.
2) “machine on advance proximity to end of reel/t.t.
ribbon alarm”
3) “cycle end” (p.a. only), among one of the following:
– “machine ready to receive labeling start signal”
– “actual dispensing on label pad”
– “cylinder return stroke, in process”
– “label dispensing in progress”
The connector can receive a stand-by contact and a reset contact (the last one for Bi-Fuel series, Evolution, Wind, only). Typically employed for connection to external protection.

All the controls provide an alarm signal and bring about the labeler’s automatic stop Alarms, advance alarms and any electric faults are also highlighted by status LEDs or specified in the display. A possible luminous acoustic signal (1 or 3 lights) allows for attracting the operator’s attention

One light luminous acoustic signal

Three light luminous acoustic signal green = normal condition (machine able to work) yellow = abnormal condition that requires checking and/or action (e.g. reel depleted, traction set open, electric faults) blue = requirement for compulsory intervention by the operator (e.g. depleting label reel/t.t. ribbon replacement)

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