A company that is consistently committed to perfecting its products: advanced machinery that is strictly EC certified, complete user manuals, serious and accurate risk analyses. Solid, durable products specially designed for the manufacturing industry. At Arca, we’re geared towards research, investing approximately 5% of our net earnings in R&D, depositing at least one new patent every year. Our ISO 9001 certified quality system (covering engineering design, production and sales) is based on modern production processes, inspired by theories of “lean production” and total quality. A flexible organization that works hard to satisfy customers, with a clear vision and precise mission.
Specializing in laser marking and labeling, Arca has 
based its success on a broad network of distributors, active in five continents, operating as systems integrators. Arca machines are technologically advanced and perfected by standardization, sold worldwide by packaging and identification specialists who are close to their customers and understand their needs, customizing, installing and providing servicing support


The market dictates maximum reactivity. Arca formulates offers within a few days’ time – even for complex systems


Based on the customer’s request, Arca formulates extremely detailed concise quotes with 3D drawings of every component


Professionals providing servicing throughout Italy; attentive customer service; qualified technicians. Reliability and prompt response times


The latest technology, as well as simpler, competitive machine models. In all cases… no compromise on quality


Along with Arca products, we also install the best code readers and vision systems. For detecting, tracking and inspecting


Arca has been in the labeling and marking business since 1948. Almost a century of knowhow and competitive edge to the benefit of our customers



Many years on the International Market


Systems installed worldwide


Qualified professionals at your service


The future for Arca is providing increasingly beneficial labeling and marking solutions for the manufacturing industry. For every system installed we dream of making a happy customer. Insuring real benefits for our customers is the only path to successfully creating value – for the entire community and all stakeholders involved. We respect both the environment and the aspirations of our business partners and staff at Arca: our precious human capital. Together we’ll contribute to establishing a positive international reputation for our company and for the Italian packaging machinery sector


We design and manufacture labelers, laser markers and thermal transfer print apply units.
Advanced machines that are safe, performing, and built to last. Innovative solutions designed to be sold worldwide to the manufacturing industry, through qualified systems integrators


Innovation means exploring new paths, in order to do more with less effort; enhancing performance while increasing efficiency. Opening new pathways costs energy and doesn’t always repay the efforts put in. Sometimes, innovators aren’t immediately understood; often we need to invest more than what we’ll earn, and exploration may not even lead to our desired goal. And yet, Arca’s commitment to innovation isn’t just a façade – it’s a concrete attitude whose positive effects are clearly visible. During the early ‘80s, Arca was a pioneer in adopting the step motor with variable acceleration ramps on its labelers. In a short time Arca introduced print apply technology in Italy, integrating the thermal transfer digital print module, followed by contact-free Air Jet applicators. In 2000, Arca launched its Open Frame labeling systems, providing unimpeded vision for monitoring, cleaning and operations, along with One Side adjustments and a dual control panel, enabling operations on both sides of the labeling system. In 2010, these systems were equipped with brushless motors with highly beneficial specifications. Today, Arca provides a wealth of innovations – which are effectively exclusive production processes: for example, Linerless print apply systems, High Precision Safe applicators, Scanmanager and Inspector validation units, Quick Opening devices for easy opening, and an irregular pallet shape verification system that also counts packages. Innovating means visiting the latest trade fairs, surfing the Internet, listening to your business partners, pushing your staff to promote dialogue and self-criticism; designing, prototyping, testing … towards continuous improvement! At Arca, we innovate by persistently probing the future, seeking out winning ideas in an effort to satisfy our customers. For customers who have chosen Arca


Arca was founded in 1948 by Domenico Fadiga, a former officer in the Italian Air Force. The company began manufacturing labels, which at the time were produced in die-cut cardboard. During the ‘60s, Arca was a market leader in promoting the self-adhesive label revolution in Italy. In 1975, Arca entered the market of labeling machinery, bolstering it with “print and apply” type labelers about a decade later, embracing thermal transfer technology. During the early 2000s, Arca began exporting machinery abroad, setting up a network of important distributors. In 2015, Arca backed up its consolidated range of labeling machinery with the design and production of industrial laser markers, further enhancing and developing the marking technology range. Over 60 years of experience. A long history of successes: the best start for a promising future!



    The quality of machinery begins with the engineering and design phase: scope, requirements, revisions and validation. Everything is documented, in accordance with ISO9001 standards, in order to arrive at a product that guarantees and meets the user’s needs. Hence our design choices: inspired by GAMP norms (Good Automated Manufacturing Practices), ergonomics, easy operation and customization. No unnecessary technical luxuries, but everything’s that’s required to obtain what the customer expects from each product. Today, quality is no longer necessarily weight, thickness and gloss … but rather compliance with specifications. At Arca, excellence is part of our DNA, and perhaps this is the reasons why our machines always have that something extra – helping your customers earn precious minutes in terms of productivity while guaranteeing safety first and foremost. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC probably represents the best example of the sum of the details and attention we put in to ensure the safety and health of machine operators. Respecting this logic is imperative.
    Arca also guarantees the coherent selection of components: the best machinery makes use of top grade components and specially designed quality tested parts. Assembly work is overseen by expert operators who are attentive to every detail, executing their work with passion and pride. Finally, testing phases are conducted by the system’s actual installers, documented with videos and check lists.
    The total cost of quality management is nil. And it generates profits, by cutting back on waste, avoiding returns and claims, and above all guaranteeing customer satisfaction. For customers who have chosen Arca


    In the effort to assure continuity, solidity and flexibility to our company, we have decided to focus on the Quality of our products, services and processes making this a Strategic Priority. The following is a list of the fundamental rules that will allow everyone to participate in meeting our quality goals

    1. The customer must always be satisfied with our services and products
    2. For those employees that do not directly deal with external customers, your customer is the employee or internal department to whom you supply a product or offer a service
    3. Our employees are our company’s most important asset and must be adequately motivated, allowed to develop skills and trained
    4. Everyone in our Company shares the responsibility of improving the quality of our services and products
    5. Quality improvement involves continuous effort and planning
    6. The suppliers are also one of our Company’s assets and, consequently, must be involved in the quality policy
    7. The quality policy must be publicised by all means available

    The board will provide all the resources necessary to ensure this Quality policy is understood, maintained and improved at all levels of our company


    Some independent, specialized organisations are qualified to state, on the basis of continual checks, that the company’s quality system effectively conforms to the ISO standards. This conformity certification constitutes formal recognition of a qualitative and organisational standard, capable of properly satisfying market demand.
    Arca has held the ISO 9002 certificate, regarding sales and production, since 1992. This is the best guarantee of producs conformity to agreed specifications. In January ’98 Arca was awarded the certificate of conformity to the ISO 9001 standard design regarding. This gives our customers a further guarantee that our products are suitable for the intended use.
    Not all certifications are the same! Arca also work with international customers and has requested, and obtained, certification by the British Standard Institution (B.S.I.), the organisation which originally drew up the BS 5750 standards, which later became ISO (International Standard 

    The Arca Quality Manual is also available in English, facilitating the audits carried out by foreign officials


    At Arca, respect for our local roots translates into a highly conscientious environmental policy.

    • – Preventing any form of pollution
    • – Respecting current regulatory measures
    • – Cutting back on the use of energy and natural resources
    • – Developing, updating and continuously improving our Environmental Management System; a process that is monitored through periodic reviews of services and objectives
    • – Involving personnel while promoting awareness on their influence on environmental aspects
    • – Communicating and collaborating transparently with our local community and institutions in managing environmental issues

    Arca’s Labels division is a graphics industry that makes use of production processes that can potentially have a major impact on the environment. That’s why it’s certified as UNI EN ISO14001:2015. A guarantee of a conscious attitude towards the environment!


    For any company, the health and safety of its employees is a priority and strategic goal. That’s why Arca has voluntarily implemented a safety system that meets OHSAS 18001 criteria, obtaining certification from a third party entity, for both its production divisions: Labels and Systems. Arca’s commitment to workers’ health and safety in this area can be summed up as follows:
    – to act responsibly, in compliance with all regulations and provisions of the law;
    – to pursue ongoing improvement for its safety standards, defining specific objectives and verifying their achievement;
    – to involve staff by promoting responsibility towards safety management, according to their specific skills;
    – to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses in the workplace, through risk assessment, specific training and work processes;
    – to ensure the correct application of technologies used and, compatibly with available resources, adopt technologies and processes that allow for and promote the improvement of performance standards in terms of safety and health in the workplace;
    – to periodically re-assess this safety and health policy.

    Not all certifications are alike! With an international customer base, Arca has obtained its safety system certification from the prestigious British Standard Institution (B.S.I.). Safety first!


    FSC® certification – A guarantee of environmental, social and economic benefits

    Two types of FSC® certification exist: “forest management” certification, designed for forest owners and managers, and so-called Chain of Custody certification, which is aimed at companies that process and/or manufacture forest products.
    Arca’s labeling division has been certified FSC® – CoC since 2012 (Certiquality CQ-CoC-000158). Thanks to this certification, Arca contributes to responsible forest management, guaranteeing the origin of FSC® certified forest materials, a necessary condition for selling products branded as certified. Naturally, certification is issued solely by independent third party auditors (possessing FSC® accreditation) who are responsible for controls conducted in both forest environments and production facilities, verifying that the requirements defined by FSC standards are fully implemented and respected.
    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization that was founded in 1993. Among its members are ONG and other socio-environmental groups (WWF, Greenpeace, the National Aboriginal Forestry Association of Canada), forest owners, industrial conglomerates processing and selling wood and paper products, large retail groups, researchers and technicians, for a total of nearly 900 members. The FSC® trademark identifies products that contain wood and/or wood cellulose originating from forests managed in accordance with very strict environmental, social and economic standards. Responsible forest management that safeguards natural environments, brings benefits to populations, local communities and workers, while ensuring efficiency in economic terms.

    – FSC® certification – Ensuring environmental, social and economic benefits:


    BRC/IoP certification – A guarantee of health and hygiene safety for food packaging materials

    Arca’s labeling division has been BRC/IoP certified since January 2015 (CSI CERT – No. BRCIoP120).
    The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the primary association promoting and defending the interests of retailers. In partnership with the Institute of Packaging (IoP), BRC has defined safety and quality standards for the entire food chain (producers, large supermarkets and retailers). These standards provide concrete protection for end consumers, and have come to represent an international benchmark. In particular, BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials provides a framework for manufacturers of all types of packaging solutions, establishing guidelines for the production of safe materials, as well as managing product quality and overseeing the fulfillment of legal obligations to protect consumers. As an authoritative third party entity, the certification body is thus called on to assess the conformity of packaging manufacturers and their management systems and operating procedures.

    – BRC/IoP certification – Guaranteeing health and hygiene safety for food packaging materials:



    UL certification – A guarantee of safety for the use of products

    Arca’s labeling division adheres to the Authorized Label Suppliers Program, which selects printers authorized to print UL certified registered trademarks (file no. PGAA.LP2986).
    UL is an independent organization devoted to the science of safety in the use of industrial products. Its trademark is the proof of a product’s conformity to safety requirements in the U.S.A. and Canada. Its prestige, however, is international, and every year throughout the globe over 20 billion products receive the UL safety trademark. The organization works in close collaboration with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, Canada’s RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), INTERPOL and other authorities charged with the application of laws at a global level, providing the necessary information to help distinguish between legitimate and counterfeit UL trademarks.
    UL also manages the Marking and Labeling System Program, which establishes physical specifications for labels. To this end, the types of labels Arca is authorized to print are specified in Labels are classified by UL based on print, surface, application, use and resistance requirements, into four categories: Marking and Labeling Systems – Component (PGDQ2); Marking and Labeling Systems, Limited Use – Component (PGIS2); Marking and Labeling System Materials – Component (PGGU2); Printing Materials – Component (PGJI2). Arca manufactures labels in accordance with production technologies approved for each category, or provides labels to be printed by the client, via thermal ink pigment transfer, validated for each specific usage.
    Qualified Arca technicians provide support to clients in identifying the UL category of the labels adopted, and in selecting the correct materials, for the production of labels in compliance with the ANSI/ UL 969 standard.

    – UL certification – Guaranteeing safety standards for the use of products





Arca is associated with:

GIPEA –Italian Association of Self-Adhesive Label Manufacturers

FINAT – Féderation Internationale des Fabricants Transformateurs d’Adhésifs et Thermocollants sur papiers et autres supports

AFI – Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Arca holds numerous patents recognized both in Italy and abroad. In addition, we produce and market a whole range of products under license from third parties. More detailed information can be provided based on specific products and scopes.

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